What is ORM?

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Did you know that one bad review on Google can lower your overall rating by almost one star?
Did you know that with Google’s algorithm it is possible to have only five star reviews, but still
not have a five-star rating? Of consumers, 88% equate online reviews to that of the opinion of
their best friend. Having bad online reviews could be costing you up to 30 new customers per
Research shows that people will only post a review if they have extreme feelings about a
company, and they are 3 times more likely to post about a negative experience verses a positive
one. Those negative reviews are a few people who got upset, disgruntled former employees, or
people trying to generally cause trouble. These bad reviews do not actually reflect the true nature
of your business.
However, your potential customers will not understand this. They see 2.3 stars on Google, read a
fictitious complaint, and 80% of consumers will move on. Bad reviews happen, the Online
Reputation Management aspect of digital marketing is all about handling them. What publicist
do for celebrities Online Reputation Management does for your business by minimizing
damaging digital publicity and emphasizing honest accurate opinions. Having someone out there
watching over the perception of your company is not only incredibly valuable, but exceptionally
The most effective way to manage bad reviews is by implementing strategies that will, not only
balance out the bad review but, counter act the effects of it. Filtering reviews, funneling positive
reviews to your site, managing false harmful reviews, and redirecting genuine complaints to
customer service are just a few ways that we help maintain your online presences.