How important is Search Engine Optimization?

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Have you ever wondered how to get your business to show up in the results for a Google search,
where you should be in those results, or why it matters that you are there? That is what Search
Engine Optimization is all about. SEO is the process of ensuring that when potential clients are
searching online, looking for services and products your business offers, that they find you. Each
month 10.3 billion Google searches are done and 78% of those searches are done by people in
the United States looking for services and products. SEO gives you the best chance at connecting
with those potential clients who are looking for you online.
Why does it matter if your business is on the first page in the search results? Research has shown
that 75% of people conducting an online search will not go past the first page of the results and
that the top 5 links on the results page get 75% of the clicks. While ads on Google can be helpful
70%-80% of users ignore the ads and only focus on genuine results generated by Google. Sales
leads brought in from a Google search close 14.6% of the time as opposed to print advertising
which only has a 1.7% close rate.
Considering that 91% of all online experiences begin with a search, having your company show
up in the right places on a results page is extremely valuable to gaining potential market share.
Search Engine Optimization is just thing you need to bring in new business and grow your client