10 Ways you are doing Social Media wrong for your business

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  1. Not having any.
    The number one mistake business make with social media is not having! Social media is a way to
    connect, interact, and advertise, but if you do not have it your business is behind.
  2. Going months without posting.
    Social media is only doing you good if you are using it! Long gaps in posting will not gain you any
    followers and could even cost you followers.
  3. Sporadic posts.
    Just like long breaks in posting, sporadic posts are a problem. Posting randomly does not allow
    your customers to anticipate or get excited about post. This is especially harmful if you are
    posting about sales at low engagement times.
  4. Posting boring content.
    Post content that is entertaining! Articles with pictures, celebrities, and statistics get clicked on
    more than those just with written content. The higher quality the content you post the more
    likely it will be shared!
  5. Not engaging with your followers.
    If a customer takes the time to like, comment, subscribe, follow, or tweet your business and it is
    critical that you respond to them! They are starting a conversation about your business, talk
    back to them, continue the conversation.
  6. Ignoring current events and trends.
    Talk about the latest trends in your industry. Become the go to source for information about
    what is going on in your field.
  7. Responding to criticism improperly.
    It is so tempting to rush to the defense of your company when someone comments negatively
    online about your business, but there is a strategy to handling it. Invest in a good Online
    Reputation Manger to asset with the negativity that comes your way.
  8. Posting inappropriate content.
    Think before you post. Political jokes, swear words, or crude humor may not be the best things
    to be posting on a public business profile.
  9. Forgetting your target market.
    Think about the type of customers that you want to attract and what their interests are. Post
    content that will draw your target market to your business.
  10. Posting without a plan.
    Not having a plan is the quickest way to have problems with your company’s social media.
    Planning post times, content, and doing data analysis are all key factors to putting a plan in